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Sep 21st, 2005 ]
Birthday:march 25th
Birthplace:nebraska :..
Current Location:Rochester Hills, Michigan
Eye Color:d. brown
Hair Color:brown
Height:5'7 or 5'8 i dont remember
Right Handed or Left Handed:right
Your Heritage:lebanese
The Shoes You Wore Today:flip flops
Your Weakness:trust ppl too easy
Your Fears:ummmmmm idk?
Your Perfect Pizza:cheese i guess
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:get to school ON TIME!
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:lol & haha
Thoughts First Waking Up:are you fucking kidding me?
Your Best Physical Feature:my bootay ; )
Your Bedtime:whenever i get tired
Your Most Missed Memory:sleeping in
Pepsi or Coke:pepsi
MacDonalds or Burger King:mcdonalds
Single or Group Dates:single
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:nestea
Chocolate or Vanilla:chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee:cappuccino
Do you Smoke:no
Do you Swear:uhh yeah
Do you Sing:lol when nobodies watching
Do you Shower Daily:yes
Have you Been in Love:yes = D
Do you want to go to College:unfortunantly i have to haha
Do you want to get Married:yes
Do you belive in yourself:sure
Do you get Motion Sickness:haha sure?
Do you think you are Attractive:idk i dont judge myself
Are you a Health Freak:nope
Do you get along with your Parents:sumtimes
Do you like Thunderstorms:yes
Do you play an Instrument:piano : ..
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:nope
In the past month have you Smoked:noo
In the past month have you been on Drugs:nope
In the past month have you gone on a Date:kinda?
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:of course
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:haha no
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:no i think its gross
In the past month have you had that one special kiss:nope
In the past month have you been Dumped:nope
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:no
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:no
Ever been Drunk:no
Ever been called a Tease:i dont think so?
Ever been Beaten up:hahaha no
Ever Shoplifted:i took grapes once, if that counts
How do you want to Die:as easy and fast as possible
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:idkk
What country would you most like to Visit:italy
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color:dark eyes
Favourite Hair Color:browk/ black
Short or Long Hair:short
Height:taller than me
Weight:lol as long as hes fit
Best Clothing Style:umm anything but sweat pants and hoodies
Number of Drugs I have taken:alot if you include motrin?
Number of CDs I own:too many to count
Number of Piercings:2
Number of Tattoos:none!
Number of things in my Past I Regret:none i can think of at tha time

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May 23rd, 2005 ]

i am in second hour rite now nothing really that special is going on i guess.

hey its mariella noww, reese had to go back to her station* haha, its really boringgg....

ok well i have no idea what to update on this journal cause its obiously not mine.



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Feb 28th, 2005 ]
[ mood | higghh dudeee ]



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friends only bitches [Wednesday
Feb 9th, 2005 ]
[ mood | awweee ]

 the rulesss

[1] c0m ment me !

[2] aDd me firSt !

[3] c0mment me once iin a whilee

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Jan 13th, 2005 ]

coM Ment my lOves.

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you are miine. [Tuesday
Jan 11th, 2005 ]
[ mood | ahh i love him ]


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usuqhh. tOday was liike tOtal kaBOom.

1st hOur- mrs. williams was beiinq a biitch. uqhh qotta practice my liiness.

2nd hOur- i was late cause liike i was walkinn wit justin and i spilt ma cardz..but when i went dOwn i had the sudden feelinq of pukinq so i ran tO the bathrOom. and yeahh.. nOt koOl. ahha sOme hOmo was talkinnq to us abOut sex and hOw bad iit iss// whatever it was qayy

3rd hOur- hehe justinn waLked mah tO cLass. ahh i lOve him majOrly. uqhh. class was suckiee. went to ofFice. yeah parentz ' cOuldnt ' so just went back to cLass.

4th hOur- had a weird sub...

5th hOur- alot of ketchin uph to do.

6th hOur- uqhh.. just wondered.


on the way hOme. me and shivali taLked and liike she tOld me sOmethinq bOut J and liike yeahh.. i was sad so i came hOme and tOld haL. and she taLked to justin and justin qot mad.. heres the cOnvo.


ferrari3450: ok babe i wasnt flirting wit amber i love you not her and you should know that by now and if summthin where to happen between us im sorry and it would b all my fault but i dont plan on losing you not when you have so much more you can teach me and help me learn i love you parisa your my one and only

krazii reese xOo: i know justin, i love you too thats why it bugs me so much to have fucking people telling me everything about what you do with amber, cause they tell me lies, and everything i love you that much i feel for a moment like jealous.

ferrari3450: dont b i love you above anyone else i love you more than i love my own fuckin family you mean more to me than anyone i know and i know that you might think i dont love you but i do wit all my heart

krazii reese xOo: ahh i love you SO much justin. you dont know what this means to me. i love you with all my heart, thats why i get a lil jealous. but now i know that your mine. and i dont have anything to worry about :-)

ferrari3450: no you sure dont

krazii reese xOo: i hope i know :-).

krazii reese xOo: just what______does makes me uqhh.

ferrari3450: haha yeah it makes everyone juss ughh

krazii reese xOo: no i mean whatdoeshsehsdveyoudnd

ferrari3450: she doesnt do anything to me

ferrari3450: we juss talk

krazii reese xOo: oo yess. u musst bee  blind if u do not see itt.

ferrari3450: o god i think i m

ferrari3450: cause im blind to everyone else but when you walk in the room i see everything clear as day cause your the only one i have love for


krazii reese xOo: ahaa:-) isnt that from like a song ? :-P

ferrari3450: no

ferrari3450: i juss said it

krazii reese xOo: =-O i feel so special :-)

ferrari3450: it doesnt ryme

krazii reese xOo: aww justin i love you sooo much. x 76578364786547865 :-)

ferrari3450: yeah but i love you more

krazii reese xOo: pssh okay whatever.

krazii reese xOo: :-P

ferrari3450: haha you know its true

krazii reese xOo: haha whatever thats liike impossiible.

ferrari3450: well i juss made the impossible

^ i love himm. trully and i have nothinq to worry about. herez are some random sweetness from J the other day.

 [[ a part of yesterdays convo ]]

krazii reese xOo: people are qonna say thinqs..i put uph with all of it everyday cause i know you love me. i know you do, so i dont qive a crap what others think. im hopinq you feel the same.

ferrari3450: i know i love you i love you wit all my heart

ferrari3450: i need you

ferrari3450: and thats all that matters

krazii reese xOo: :-) yeah thats all that matters:-)

ferrari3450: yes it is


ferrari3450: no matter how hard they try no matter what they do they can never break our love

krazii reese xOo: never:-)

ferrari3450: ever


3 hOurs laterr// ahh i just qOt bacck from sOme crapp. yeah juLio dOnt ' fuck with me you fuckinq rapist hOmosexual.

haL itz' nOt yOur fault. pLease dOnt ' bLame yOurseLf. ii qOt yOur bacck.


ahh ! my sweeetie piiee justin is just so adOraBle. muwahs i love you so terribly/// i just wanna banq yOu haha.

krazii reese xOo: hey babes:-)

ferrari3450: hey sweetie I MISSED YOU!!!! god damn why did you have to leave me for so long

ferrari3450: jeezz

krazii reese xOo: haha sorry i qot into a major fiite. it was some bummio stuff.

krazii reese xOo: :-)

ferrari3450: awww baby you shouldnt fight i learnded to stop i caree about you to much to b goin and throwin your life away like dat

ferrari3450: its not worth it

krazii reese xOo: he started it, and no one talks crap about me without qeettin tauqht a lesson. :-D

ferrari3450: no more fightin baby its not worth it

krazii reese xOo: but he came onto me !

krazii reese xOo: :-(

ferrari3450: idc no fightin its not worth it sweetie you can either make somebodys day or ruin someones life depending on how you look at it and if you fight you ruin someones life

krazii reese xOo: but justin he put his hands on me !! he put me down on a table and yeah ! and u expect me now to woop his butt !

ferrari3450: juss walk away

ferrari3450: i did today when i was out wit my bois

ferrari3450: some fucker hit me right in da back of the head and i juss steped

krazii reese xOo: but i couldnt walk away i was literally stuck to the table.

ferrari3450: than tell someone else to help you

krazii reese xOo: he sexually harassed me justin in a way that it made me like qwjhgekjhdk2efhk3fhg3khf3kl45t54y so i cut him.

krazii reese xOo: but thats it. no more fightin.

ferrari3450: ok no more

krazii reese xOo: uqhh even tho i wanna :-(

ferrari3450: i know you do sweetie but dont

krazii reese xOo: well for you i wont :-)

ferrari3450: ok that makes me feel alot better

krazii reese xOo: well it doesnt make me.. but what ever makes you happy is fine with me :-)

ferrari3450: ok good

ferrari3450: do you know how much i missed my babii

ferrari3450: you where gone for to long


krazii reese xOo: aww sweetie im sorry :-( i missed you very much u didnt know how much i needed you :-(

ferrari3450: i know if i was there i proboly would of killed his ass

ferrari3450: but i mean i dont fight anymore

ferrari3450: dont say that

krazii reese xOo: u wudnt woop his ass if he put his hands on me ?

ferrari3450: NO I WOULD OF

ferrari3450: badddddd

krazii reese xOo: hahaha

krazii reese xOo: but i dont want you fiqhtinq either only if you absolutely have to huns :-)

ferrari3450: aight

ferrari3450: but i got hit in da head

ferrari3450: and i walked away

ferrari3450: so im pround of myself

krazii reese xOo: aww baby im proud of you too ! :-) very very proud of you.


krazii reese xOo: you desearve a BIG number 5 :-)

ferrari3450: YEY!!!!!!!!

ferrari3450: i need one


krazii reese xOo: aha i bet you do :-)

ferrari3450: YOU SUNK MY BATTELSHIP!!!

ferrari3450: o sorry

ferrari3450: random


krazii reese xOo: hahaha

krazii reese xOo: wOuldnt ' dat be a qOod thinq ?

krazii reese xOo: :-D

ferrari3450: haha idk

ferrari3450: its a game


krazii reese xOo: haha well no duhh durr :-P


ferrari3450: haha he is cross eyed

krazii reese xOo: haha WOAH

krazii reese xOo: thats liike cool. :-)

ferrari3450: i know

krazii reese xOo: OMG i like have the urqe to play TWISTER all of a sudden :-D

ferrari3450: ok as long as i get to get on top i mean play

krazii reese xOo: hahaha

krazii reese xOo: ;-)

ferrari3450: im on the way

krazii reese xOo: qosssh hurry uph


ferrari3450: oo sorry

krazii reese xOo: ahahha

krazii reese xOo: who u qunna call GHOST BUSTERS !!!  :-D

ferrari3450: 1 800 hotline!!!!!!!!!

ferrari3450: o sorry

krazii reese xOo: ahaha

ferrari3450: i dont need sexual heeling anymore i got my BABII!!!!

krazii reese xOo: hahahaha :-D :-D ;-)

krazii reese xOo: but i need SEXUAL HEALING FROM MY BABY :-)

ferrari3450: IM ON THE WAY GO SUPER BOI!!!!

krazii reese xOo: GO GO GO

ferrari3450: hold on i gotta find the telephone both

krazii reese xOo: hahahahha

krazii reese xOo: GOD HURRY UPH!

krazii reese xOo: :-P


krazii reese xOo: u dont need red tights ;-)

ferrari3450: HOLD ON I CANT FIND MY CAPE!!!

krazii reese xOo: u dont need anything really cept for those hand cuffs :-P

ferrari3450: o and the * new trojan warmin sensation*

krazii reese xOo: YEAH THAT TOO !!

ferrari3450: YES!!!!!!

ferrari3450: or we could use rough riders

krazii reese xOo: hahaha brinq both

krazii reese xOo: ;-)

ferrari3450: aight i will

krazii reese xOo: yey yeey yey

ferrari3450: wut about x tra sensetive

ferrari3450: nooo are you sensetive

ferrari3450: ?

krazii reese xOo: hahaha

krazii reese xOo: in what way ;-)

ferrari3450: cough cough

krazii reese xOo: hahaha

krazii reese xOo: :-P hehe

ferrari3450: haha i gotta go

ferrari3450: love you sooo much more than anything in da whole wide world and i miss you mwhas


krazii reese xOo: :-*:-* muwahs. i miss you soo much :-( i love you x 74627864784678655 :-)

 the best part of me is youImage Hosted by ImageShack.us
^ got from melissa Gs LJ hahaha// mwahs qirl.
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im losinn cOntrOl [Saturday
Jan 8th, 2005 ]
[ mood | hiigh ]

now yesterdayy haL came overr and well we were supposed to go to the athens gamee but justin called and said we gunna go to the troy high game. so we went and well we left but we forgot we needed to pay so we called mah dad back and yeah got $20 and payed em, we were like lost til we saw that moron justin cummin down the steps hahha. i love him =) and we went out. and we went outside and he rolled in the snow and he ran after me and gave me a hug ! omg he put snow down ma pants and it was so freeckkinn cold ! so we went in and we sat and talked haha he sat on haleigh and that lil thief stole ma cell hahha so i sat on him and yeah fun fun. i gave him 5 kisses ! haha i wanted more buttt nooo i didnt bring my jacket so we couldnt ahaha. i love him so terribly muchh. and then well me and hal when justin left, had a snowball fight and i wacked her right in the back of the head. it was frecking hilarious and we went home. and decided to watch movies. anadacondas that was a fuckin pimpeed out movie and open water which is was pretty gay and than we got tired cause it was like 5 in da mornin so i was like fuck dis lets hit da sheets. so we slept till 12. and then we got uph and woke justins ass uph uph =) and yeah talked to him for a while.

justin : you cheater !
me: cheating isnt bad
justin: WHAT !!!
me: fuck i didnt mean it like that ! i meant like yeah not that !
justin: yeah okay
me: laughs : no no justin id never
justin: how do i know i have to keep an eye on you
me: uh no your the one needing an eye on
justin: yeah okay ur the one sayin cheatin aint bad
me: laughing : id never justin, id never do that to my baby. i love you
justin: you make me feel..fuzzy
me: is that a good thing? 
justin: yes. its a very good thing.
^ i love him so much, i would die without himm.

ferrari3450: i play wit gunz and knives now who da fuck fight aint nobody fuckin wit me aint nobody fuckin wit da D they get beat like an MP you heard about reese takin on dem drugs you heard about haleigh get wild in da clubs you heard about that 9 that I pack fuck wit us ill leave your fuckin face cracked im from 8 mile south ill blow up your house next day ill piss in yo mouth << a part of a rap my lovely man wrote .

haha and then well i took a showerr.. did some shitt.. and at liike 9 we went snowboarding at delia park lmfao it was fuckin funny. there were all these drunks and homos dere. yeah gay but me and hal decided to go down a hill on our asses attached to each other boards and we went down the hill and rolled over each other and well one of the boards went allll the way down the hill so me and hal went back uph, and we sat together on da hill. and went down and she put her head down and it hit the snow so she ate the snow and i got like thrashed with powder it was fucking hilarious.. and then i was going and ma board flipped back wards so i was going down back wards and i hit a bump and i flew back wards and yeah it fucking hurt mah head. den mah dad came so we decided to try the ramp half the time we couldnt even get near iit,  and the one time i did i did this awesome air, but my foot came off da binding and like i like landed rib first into the ice patch and i ripped ma sweatshirt. lmfao i was crying and laughin so fucking hard, hal was just there crying her ass off saying how much of a dumbass i was. hahaha so then we made our last runs, which were hott but hal wanted some candy and so did i so we made my dad go to CVS and we got LOVE CUFFS LMAO JUSTIN hehehe and we spent like 20 something dollars on candyyy yes yes mmajorr hyperness. and now hal is doing something which i have no clue and yeah im a go hang out.

but here are some quotes i found from this some girls pro.

 as     i       grow      o l d e r
 and   as    you    m o v e     o n
 i hope you n e v e r   f o r g e t
 what  we  f e l l  in  l o v e for

if there evah komes a day -        
thayt we kan't beE toqether        
keep me in yo0ur heart - x3        
nd i will stay :  f O r E v A   

  X.o The best kind of kiss
             is the kind when y0u
           have t0 st0p cause y0u
         cant help but s-m-i-l-e o.x

TeLL  mY  hEaRt  tO  sToP  bEaTiNg *TeLL  mY MiNd  tO   sToP  tHiNKiNg ThRoW  a  StOne  In tHe  OcEaN n  TeLL  it  tO  sToP  sInKiNg *TeLL  tHe SkY  nOt  tO  bE  sO  bLuE iTz  LyK  teLLiNg  mE  nOt  tO   bE iN  LoVe  wItH yOu

(_. ·´¯)-»I wanna guy
(¯`·.¸_)-»Who I can come 2 with
(_. ·´¯)-»My hair a mess
(¯`·.¸_)-»Makeup running down my face
(_¸.·´¯)-»Eyes red from crying
(¯`·.¸_)-»And still says to me
(_¸.·´¯)-»Baby You look 

h0pe f0r the best * [prepare] f0r the w0rst
expect n0thinq * and y0u`ll [never] be hurt

she looksz down at her armsz,
all cut up nd* red.. each time. .
she looksz at them she seesz `
what used to be and wishesz
she wasz   dead, and as   she
touchesz  and  looksz at  each
/s/c/a/r/... she remembersz ..`
hisz game..and that each scar
made a letter that spelt out--/>  
--//>   h i s z   n a m e . . .

--? HeArTbReAkS ?--, AnD --? DeSpAiR ?--
We WeNt ThRoUgH ::fiGhTs:: aNd *BaD tiMes*
BuT yOu KnOw WhAt? i ReaLLy DoN`t CaRe.
i`M WiTh YoU --? fOrEvEr ?-- aNd i LoVe YoU a LoT
CaUsE yOuR mY *baby* aNd ThE bEsT tHiNg iVe Got*

pOpp iit out liikee yOur baCck brO ke

ii asked you iif ii was [p r e t t y] .. you saiid ..not at all..
ii asked you iif ii was [fat] and you said ..of course you are..
ii asked you iif you wanted to be wiith me [   f o r e v e r  ]
and you said ..no.. ii asked iif you would [cry] iif ii turned around
and walked away, and you said ..no.. soo, I slowely turned and
began to walk away, and you grabbed my arm, looked into my eyes,
and said ..?your not [pretty] your ..beautiful.. the only [fat] thing about
you iis your ..heart.. ii don`t wanna be wiith you [forever] i ..need.. to
be wiith you forever ..nd iif you were to walk away, ii wouldn?t [cry] ii would ..die..


 .:KoDaK DoNT HaVe eNoUgH:.
   .:MoMeNtZ tO CaPTuRe aLL ThE:.
       .:TRouBLe We gEt iN:.

ii cArVeD your ..n a m e.. iinto thiis
[[b u l l e t]] __x3 so everyone would
know you were that last thing going
----?  t h r o u g h  ?----   my   head

liife doesn?t` hurt untiil you have
tiime tO yOurself tO think about
hOw thiinqsz have changed ..who
yOu have lOst alOnq the wAy, and
hOw much of iit iis --? your fault ?--

i ThiiNk tHe rEaSoN eVeRyOnE cHeRiiShSz mEmOriiEs sO mUcH iiSz bEcAuSz
tHeY     aRe     jUsT     aBoUt     tHe     oNLy     tHiiNqSz     tHaT    don?t     cHaNgE
__    x3     w  h  e  n  .  .  e  v  e  r  y  t  h  ii  n  q  .  .  e  l  s  e  .  .  d  o  e  s     x3   __


yes that is all my wondeful friends. i love you justin, more than you could possibly ever imagine. youre forever minee muwahs.

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amazing sasha. [Thursday
Jan 6th, 2005 ]
[ mood | okayy ]

crazybeauutifulx: you guys are defintly gona stay strong

crazybeauutifulx: fights,and breakups dont tear love apart it makes it stronger

krazii reese xOo: :-) you are right. im a save that !

krazii reese xOo: i hope we are a strong couple

crazybeauutifulx: i can tell you are

crazybeauutifulx: from just the way he talks to you

crazybeauutifulx: usually i can tell by the way the guy loooks at the girl

crazybeauutifulx: but i can tell just by how he speaks to you

krazii reese xOo: awww

krazii reese xOo: :-)

crazybeauutifulx: trust me.

crazybeauutifulx: you guys are set for a wonderful relationship

krazii reese xOo: awww you do not know how much that means to be

krazii reese xOo: *me

crazybeauutifulx: im tellin you the truth.

krazii reese xOo: :-)

sasha yOu are so amazing, you dOnt' knOw hOw much dat meanss tO me. thanks fOr all yOur suppOrt and wisdOm. yOu are definitely one of a kind friend.


i love you justin, yOu qiive mah butterfLies.

muwahs. reeses

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Jan 6th, 2005 ]
[ mood | tiredd ]

the past two days have been a little beyond hecktic but amazing. last night well me and justin broke upp. and yeah i cried for a while.. fell asleep in tears..walk up for school in a drag i found out that it was a snowdayy. then i got a call from miss.ashley haha " yOu are such a tOast ! " - a classic from miss.ashley robin webb. and we were on the fOne with mr.mickey koss. haha those two are remarkable. but i wass still bLue and den i talked to sO many peOple whO cheered mah uPh. mickey told me i was gunna win " the game " and actually i did. i scored baby. hes my coach. hes amazing, and then there was meg and i took her advice to play it " kool " yeah piimpin. and then i was talkin to ma blacck piimp kellly hahaha. and den melissa and kelly called mah damn they were lOad hahha. but i made anOtha rapp rapp for miss.oconnell ' and den justin signed onn.. and this was our lil convo...

krazii reese xOo: heyyy justin:-)
ferrari3450: hey
krazii reese xOo: whats upp ?!
ferrari3450: fone
krazii reese xOo: oo dats kOol.
ferrari3450: no not really
ferrari3450: but ok
krazii reese xOo: ha ha okay
ferrari3450: so are you feelin better today
krazii reese xOo: hahaha
krazii reese xOo: im feeling prettio qOod :-)
ferrari3450: thats awsome
krazii reese xOo: haha yes yes its piimpin
krazii reese xOo: what abOut yOu ?
ferrari3450: i feel like shit
krazii reese xOo: oh
krazii reese xOo: :-(
ferrari3450: but you know
ferrari3450: o well
krazii reese xOo: hey hey i knOw hOw yOu feeL. but i tryy not to shOw iit, just gOt Out and have funn :-)
ferrari3450: thats wut i did last night but i turned into a disatser
krazii reese xOo: awww pOor justin
krazii reese xOo: well dO yOu wanna taLk abOut what happened? im here for yOu :-)
ferrari3450: no im aight
krazii reese xOo: well whatever is makin ya a mess i hOpe ya feel betta
ferrari3450: well da truth is its that i really miss bein wit you but at the same time i cant be wit you
ferrari3450: thats fucked up
krazii reese xOo: i knOw hOw yOu feel believe me. i miss yOu too . but justin you know if it meant to be. itll find its way :-) it always dOes.
krazii reese xOo: and i think we are. sO maybe sOmethin miite haPpen :-)
ferrari3450: i hope soo
krazii reese xOo: dOnt worry babes. sOmethin will.
krazii reese xOo: :-)
ferrari3450: idk
krazii reese xOo: dOnt try to wOrry iit sO mucch. if yOu relax maybe sOmething like a miracle cOuld happen. think pOsitive:-)
ferrari3450: well i have thought positive and mircales dont happen to someone like me
ferrari3450: and after last night im still shaking
krazii reese xOo: justin did yOu get intO trOuble again.
ferrari3450: no
krazii reese xOo: ... well i dOnt wanna bring it up with ya if yOu dont wanna talk bOut iit. and lOok you cant give uPh. i havent. yOu just gOttz to hOpe for the best.
krazii reese xOo: cause usually things turn out well if you dont give up. you gotta fight iit.
ferrari3450: hahahahahahhaa thats funny
krazii reese xOo: hey hey dOnt be dissing da amazing reese ! :-P
ferrari3450: well hopefully da AmAZiNg reese can find someone better
krazii reese xOo: haha i already fOund dat gUy. and well im a wait fOr him tO realiZe thAt hes ma only oNe.
ferrari3450: who steve?
krazii reese xOo: hey hey !
ferrari3450: o thats koo
ferrari3450: or jon
ferrari3450: o yeah hes koo to
krazii reese xOo: jOn is pimped but dat aint da guy i talking bOut
ferrari3450: ooor brandon yeah he is tight
ferrari3450: what about greg
ferrari3450: he is good
krazii reese xOo: justin if yOu want tO be with me, why dO yOu pussh mE away ?
ferrari3450: cAuSe you NEED someone BeTtEr ThAn the person you LiKe
krazii reese xOo: thats nOt yOur decisiOn tO makke. if yOu were happy with me, than i was happy with yOu. yOu have to stOp leetin all dat peOple qet tO ya heaDd. cause dat usually leads to unhaPpineSs
krazii reese xOo: the only persOn yOu needed tO beliEve was mEe. nOt sOme whOres opinOn iits yOur liife.
krazii reese xOo: juSt what im tryin tO saY is dat yOu shOldnt gIve uPph hOpe and keEp trying.
krazii reese xOo: :-) neverr givve uPh.
ferrari3450: i already have
krazii reese xOo: yOu shOuldnt have.
krazii reese xOo: i mEan i dId till miCkey knOcked sOme sense intO me, if yOu lOve a persOn yOu wOuld never stOp tryyin. thats what he tOld me, and iit hit mAh. and im a always hOpe fOr it. and im a fiite fOr iit.
krazii reese xOo: ii knOw yOu are gOin thrOugh tOugh tImes but itll finDd its way, it always dOes.
krazii reese xOo: :-) :-)
ferrari3450: do you honestly think that we will go back out?
krazii reese xOo: hOnestly i dO.
krazii reese xOo: ii mean yOu miite nOt think that but i dO.
krazii reese xOo: i tOld yOu frOm da beginnin i was always willin , and i still am.
krazii reese xOo: iitz ' jusst ya need to start tryying, and start trusting mah.
krazii reese xOo: if yOu giive uPh hOw dO yOu expect anything gOod tO happen.
ferrari3450: i never exepct anything good to happen ever
krazii reese xOo: yOu shOuld. i mean i didnt, and lOok where i am nOw.
ferrari3450: all hyper and ghetto
krazii reese xOo: well yeah cauSe mickey and my friends tOld me and talked to me, and gave mah hOpe. and everything and im all jOlly cause i believe itll happen.
krazii reese xOo: yOu cant fiite sOmething that yOu wannt. but yOu can fiite for sOmething that yOu dO wannt.
krazii reese xOo: :-)
ferrari3450: idk my head is like gonna explode i feel like im about to die and it hurts to sit here and know that i love you but to also know that whatever i do no matter how hard i try ppl are always gonna b mean and cruel and wanna do summthin cause they are jealous of you or me
krazii reese xOo: their jealOus of what we have, and let them bE. justin i love yOu alright, and i mean if those people wanna be like dat let dem. dere just upset they dont have someone to love them like we did.
krazii reese xOo: :-)
krazii reese xOo: look i gtg i love u mwahs bye

^ well yeahh..

and then i went sledding with the larsOn greatest. kins chels.maddie.brooke.lauren.and jenna ! ! haha we saww jeremy stoinn and i made him fall on da ramp =P haha yah it was pretty raddicle. talk about majOr thrashed. yeah it was piimpn' den we went to sOme cafe' to get hott cocoa which i spilt on me=) and like yeah.. hahaha then we went to kinseys haha and we did a bunch of crapp ! me chels jenna and maddie were played ping pong lmfao chels. and denn we watched malibus mOst wanted " DIS AINT NO PICNIC BITCH " lmao funny ass movviee. than we decided to make a mOvie but jenn and laur had to gO. soo denn. we like made a michael jackson, ghetto, old granny. the FUZZ, tinkerbell, grimp ripper, and the banana, and the police officer, and jasmine. lmao it was funny as HELL " WHO THE FUCK TOOK MA GAY PLAY BOI MAGAZINE " haha my impression of michael jackson. hahaha that was funny asss shiit. and den i bugged chels boyfriend i was like " do you ridee the wave " hahaha and was like " do you beat ur meat ? " lmao i said da funniest shit ever. hahahaa and den then there was twoo me and kins. and well haleigh told me all these things bout justin.. and well i decided i was gunna ask him out again, and see what happens. and shit he actually said yes. im probably the happiest girls ever. heres what he said, and the poem  he wrote mee.

 ferrari3450: of course ill go out wit you baby i love you sooo much and im never gonna let ppl get in between us ever again the only thing i care about is da love we have for eachother and as far as im concered everyone else can fuck them selves:-) < thats what he said when i asked.

 i lost a loved one it was like a bullet piceren my cheast and i couldnt breath i didnt wanna accept it i didnt wanna belive and i swear i cried so hard and while i sit here now its tearin at my heart cause i left you over summthin so peaty and so small a humal life so precious and i hope yall understand how im feelin cause i love you reese i wanna kiss wit you reese i wanna laugh wit you hug you reese i was so close to reachin my dreams but some coward came a long and toke you away from me dont mistake this as juss another poem its juss another song that goes out to everyone who losed a loved one

^ his lovely poem/ song. that goes to me and all of the others that have been like mee. but lucky me. i got him back=) im so thankful.


haha got that from kelly and melissa. it reminded of brooke at kinseys house todayy. hahha

tOdaii was a beautiful snOw day !

and well im a go to bed now. mwahs to all.

i love you justin and sasha.

oh and i got all da blinkies frmo ma girl kelly=)

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roberto [Tuesday
Jan 4th, 2005 ]
[ mood | tr7826478654 ]

hmm well todayy.it was okayy not badd uhh.

1st hour- practice show choir   2nd hour- took some gay quiz and like watched some gay movie about aids.     3rd hour- oh uh ther was sub 4th- did some rock lab and like uhh. watched a movie 5th hour- uh stupid math, and uh..yeah went to counselors. 6th hour- uhh took notes, went to counselor and blah

omg at lunch amber said ma uh lunch bag hat was hOtt..it was so weird.. like dude the thing talked me, and im not talking about the hat im talking about amber...thats like voodoo man.

and then she stopped me again in the middle of the hall way talking about justin and counselors i dont know whats going on.. but i feel a disturbance in the air, i can smell it, i can feel this like weeird kornie feeling. and then on the bus..dun dun dun she sat by me. i mean she sat by me.. like holy shit dude.. and we talked, and THEN SHE CALLED ME A WHOREY BITCH! how dare she call thee reese a bitch AND A WHORE those words should never ever be in the same sentence. she called me a fuggly slut. no wonder why she wanted to sit by me. and then then she said that lunch bag hat wasnt even cool ! that hurt. that killed me, she made fun of roberto. no one makes fun of roberto. god. shes so. soo.. i dont know. but shes something ! ugh. gosh what am i gonna do.

i might go to the athens game on fridayy so any of the larson people who wanna tell me=)

well im a go. i love you all. mwahss.reesee

" I have everything i always wanted, but i wanted all the wrong things " -desperate house wives.

i love you justinnn sooo muchiess=)

amber and me are friends again. and you know what i dont care what yall think, so you can shove it=)

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Jan 3rd, 2005 ]
[ mood | okayy ]

aww justin is a lust i love him so fucking muchh.

these are the sweetest things he was saying..cause i confronted him about.. yeah there was this big thing.

ferrari3450: it is all bullshit wtf who would say summthin like that its all a bunch of shit
ferrari3450:  i love you to much to do that to you
ferrari3450: and i hope who ever said gets shot

ferrari3450: she needs to go out and find another guy cause this one is takin« - - haha thats bOut..amberr

ferrari3450: ajkhjg adhguhfajdfuck you
ferrari3450: f;asfkjgkadhfsajhg
ferrari3450: i mean i love you
krzzii mamii x x: =-O
ferrari3450: or i juss wanna fuck you
krzzii mamii x x: lmfao
ferrari3450: eithere way --- Lmao that was hilarious. *sighs* i love himm

ferrari3450: no
ferrari3450: not that
ferrari3450: thats fine
krzzii mamii x x: hahaha
krzzii mamii x x: suree it is
ferrari3450: idc about that right now
krzzii mamii x x: what do you care about right now?
ferrari3450: you

ferrari3450: i dont need anything extra your all i need
ferrari3450: :-)

krzzii mamii x x: aww.. but seirously... you dont need me
ferrari3450: umm yeah i do
krzzii mamii x x: uhh no you dont
ferrari3450: ummmmmmmmmm yes i do
krzzii mamii x x: haha nuh uh. i win
krzzii mamii x x: :-)
ferrari3450: haha no i win you lose shut your mouth and stop the thinking and dont type anything about me needing you cause i win
krzzii mamii x x: lmao
krzzii mamii x x: ur just in denial you dont need me:-)
ferrari3450: thats a strike
krzzii mamii x x: =-O wha wha why
ferrari3450: i told you not to say anthing about i9t
ferrari3450: it&
ferrari3450: it*
krzzii mamii x x: but but i speak the truthO:-)
ferrari3450: 2 strikes
krzzii mamii x x: what if i get 3?
ferrari3450: NO kisses ever
krzzii mamii x x: shit
krzzii mamii x x: fine fine ... but ill be thinkin it;-)
ferrari3450: 3 srikes for even thinkin it
krzzii mamii x x: wo
krzzii mamii x x: fine
krzzii mamii x x: i wont even think it
krzzii mamii x x: il uh..
krzzii mamii x x: ill write it down:-P
ferrari3450: thats thinkin about wut your rittin
ferrari3450: writin*
krzzii mamii x x: lmao
krzzii mamii x x: smartie pants
ferrari3450: hehe

krzzii mamii x x: i love you sooo much :-)
ferrari3450: i love you sooo much more
krzzii mamii x x: i love you more than you love me
ferrari3450: i love you more than you love me x infinity and more than you could ever dream i won haha you lose and you cant beat me cause i love you wayyyy more
ferrari3450: hhehehehehehehehehe

ferrari3450: ay i gotta go i love you sooo much ill call you lata my bois is waitin fo me mwah

*that conversation made my day, besides the lovely convo i had with miss. ashley webbo ME AND HER ARE LIKE HOMOR SIMPSON AND BART ! haha ash has a very interesting choice with words too haha she is ma homie shes like flippin awesomee.=D



well yeah thats iit. mucho loves. reesee

ferrari3450: sometimes i juss wanna shut u up wit my mouth:-* lmfao i love him.


cant tell the truth from all these l i e s [Monday
Jan 3rd, 2005 ]
[ mood | cryinn ]

god today was a fuckin disaster..i came home red as a watermelon. i swear i felt like bashin someones head inn. oi latifah and zach yelled out at lunch i was a whore.. what bugs me most about latifah isnt that.. its just she keeps runnin her mouth about something thats over, she needs to take a pill and back off. thats all.. everytime i lay off. she brings it up again. god. its a fucking...mess and now.. im in this whole lesbo shit with people, yeah and amber kept putting words in ma mouth, haha in 5th hour she walked by and i yelled " whore " hahah it was hilairous.. but yeah thats all. besides that my day fucking sucked. and i really dont wanna talk about this fucking shit.

fuck you. have a nice.

i knew it was too good to be true. i just wish i knew the truth.

Cant tell the truth from all these l i e s

i soo need to disappear right about now.


the sweetest guy i know [Sunday
Jan 2nd, 2005 ]
[ mood | tireD ]

i just got outta the showerr but before that me and justin had the cutest talk on the fone. hes the sweetest thing ever.

Justin: how long have you dated nate anyways?

Me: uhh 6 months?

Justin: ooh that was like me and meg

Me: Oh cool ?

Justin: you know what

Me: what

Justin: With all my girl friends Im like just blah but with you I get this tingly feeling

Me: really?

Justin: yeah a tingly feeling.

Justin: you give me butterflies

Me: awww

Justin: you always leave me wanting more

Justin: I don’t know why, but you just do, ive never felt like this before.

Justin: You know, I worry about you

Me: isn’t that bad to worry?

Justin: I like worrying about you, I want to look out for you. You’re my baby


^ believe it or not, ive never fallen this hard for a man like Justin, he started out as just a friend, but now hes , hes my everything.


  Baby i love you and i'll never let you go
     .. from the day i met you i
           knew we'd be together
           and now i wanna be with you

ah ! tOmOrrOw=baCck tO heLl. well im a hitt the beddie bye. mwahs. I Love You Justin Thomas Swinson- more and more everyday.

...xOox ' reeSee 'xOox...


chicka chicka boom boom [Sunday
Jan 2nd, 2005 ]
[ mood | hehhe ]

okayy well me and andiee wOke up arOundd 11 i made my mom go get doughnuts..and yeah we ate than i got in da showerr got readiie and then we went to see Spanglish with justinn wo ho ho what a movie that was..i didnt get to watch iit but okay haha probably the best time ive ever hadd was with my babii Justinn=) i love him so fucking much, its getting harder everyday just to say goodbye to him. i miss him alreadyy ..but now im on the fone with my lovely girl haleigh, and her bastard boyfriend made her cry and no fucker makes my girl cry. awww dat nigga in trouble ! im a beat his ass till it turn blue , that stoner ass gangasta g-unit wannabe. damn and now yeah..im bored and i miss justinoo.. so yeah thats alll. i love you all.

i love you justin more than you could imagine.


today was amazing.


reeall quick [Saturday
Jan 1st, 2005 ]
[ mood | joy joy joy ]

ha today i woke up at like 1 haha called justino and talked to him for a bit, than called haleigh yeah a family reunion, and then andiee called and see if i wanted to go bOwlin so i got off the fOne with jayy-baBii cakess took a shOwerr and then went to andies went bowling hahah it was fun ! ! and then went to andies and hung out and played " scene it" and then we played sims 2 hhaha with the swinson family=P and then andie started writing strange notes and messages on the piece of paper and me and ryan were tryinn to steall iit and well it was gone cause you know what happened? SHE ATE IT ! ATE IT! poor paper=(

pInK marTini2X: thn its no fun
pInK marTini2X: c'mon
pInK marTini2X: u will cum if u love larson pplz (well at least the ones u kno)
krzzii mamii x x: hahah
krzzii mamii x x: u guys can have fun without me
pInK marTini2X: NO WE CANT!!!
pInK marTini2X: WHO TOLD U THT
pInK marTini2X: THEY R LIARS
pInK marTini2X: they r freakin liars
pInK marTini2X: dont listen to thm listen to me
pInK marTini2X: i dont lie
pInK marTini2X: 8-)O:-)
krzzii mamii x x: hahahahaha
krzzii mamii x x: yes u guys can im not that special damn
pInK marTini2X: yes u r
pInK marTini2X: ur special to ur friendz
pInK marTini2X: or they wouldnt be ur friendz
krzzii mamii x x: hahaha

^ i love her

well im a go hang with andiee! !

mucho loves.

i love you justin thomas swinson, finally you trust me=)

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the lovely song of the devil [Saturday
Jan 1st, 2005 ]
[ mood | fuck you ]

Okay well I just got back from Chicago and Minnesota yeah reall fun Mall of the America wasn’t that amazing but damn we sure did alott of shopping, too much shopping actually, no more shopping for me, well at least not for awhile. I got tons of shit, I even bought ma girl haleigh a wonderful present which I kinda broke but im fixing it so its okay=) yah what fun…10 hour drive home.. theres really not that much to talk about the trip…met some nice people. Haha I talked to Justin every single day we were there…and now.. yeah im kinda… upset but I don’t wanna talk about it.


Time stands still,

Enough time to capture the picture,

For a brief moment, you can see beyond its light,

To a place ; Pain does not exist

Only for a moment,

You feel free.

-by me.


And when I got home I made a call to haleigh and Justin talked to them for a bitt…and then we hung up.. but then my lovely friend steve and his cool friend matt called and we chatted for awhile. Haha their both very amazing. =) steve your always there for me, thanks for everything.


Yeah..i think that’s all I wanna talk..hard to type with tears fallen down ur face ya know.


Whatever love you all.

I Love you Justin.


As the finals tears run down her face ; all she can hear is the sound of the silence, and the sudden boom of the trigger.


Choked in fear

Suffocated by love

Drowned in tears

Lost in time

Only a memory

What if I pulled out this fucking nine?

Killed the Bastards who gave me this name

Put them down, down with shame.

As the devil watches me do his bidding

He leaps with joy with that evil smile

Leaping round like a fucked up child

As I lay my head down to sleep

I hear the noises under my bed, they creep

Louder, louder closer they get

I see the devil with those evil eyes

What a great big surprise

I close my eyes in fear

As the final tears run down my cheek

I clinch the bed sheets as he speaks.

Fears and Fears run through my head


                   I’m fucking dead

-the devils lullaby by me.


Happy new years to everyone.

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Dec 26th, 2004 ]
[ mood | crapola ]

madison anne moore wanted me to update about some " famous stuff " from past events.

sma11z7: mm twlizzers your putting twizzlers in my hair! reese stop moving im gonna burn you! owww maddie you  burned me!

sma11z7: your the flippin sweetest coolest retard

sma11z7: ill b like hah i got to play football with her when she had a broken ankle at 11 at nite in kinsey mantays front yard/street n i got to tell her she throws like a mann

sma11z7: ill be like hah i got to do pictures with reese n be in a battle of the sexes with her n whoop some guys assess


^ this is all about when i get to be famouss. i even have a famous quote it is a classico

" yOu are nOthinq but a barfnOodle shOved upp a mOnkieez' anal "- a classic by the one and only reeseee

xOo' reesee

I Love You Justin. More Than You Know xOo'

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picturess [Sunday
Dec 26th, 2004 ]
[ mood | chilled out ]

here are pictures..

james marsterss..

sarah michelle gellar

mandy moore/shane westt


riley smithh



bradd pitt



jennifer aniston


ashlee simpson/jessica simpson/nick lachey



sugar cult


bam margera






lindsay lohan

chad michael murray


yup thats all- hOpe you enjOy


i love you justin thomas swinson.


Dec 26th, 2004 ]
[ mood | out there ]

i woke up at like 1 in the afternoon but i was still sleeping but noo haleighs lovely phone call woke me upp, so we called justiee and he waas up at like 12:30 ! haha cause his maja woke him upp. He is left to see his sister nicole todayyy=( so i cant call him.. but hes like " okay it was weird justin and me were talking and he went to see his siter nicole up north and hes like reese what are u doing at 10 tonight.. im like im doing nothing.. and hes like okay, keep ur front door unlocked, im like why hes like ull see. " so hahaha i wanna know if something is gonna happen at 10 or nott=D hehe ughh tomorrow i have to up at like 7:30 am to leave for chicagoo.. im a call ma babii every single dayy =D and hopefully ill see him and haleigh by the weekend ! ughh i miss them both so terribly much. but i dOwnloaded my music for my iPod ugh that took fricken forever cause it was being a douche. and then i had to packkk. that took forever cause i have to pack for 5 days in minnesota haha not tennesee ma badd=D and not all the shit fit in ma thingie ma jiggerr. yay this is gonna be soo fun cause im a shove benniOs in ma bag=) " watch out chicago crunkness is entering chicago bitches ! ! " -ben hahaha that was hilarious. well im a go to work and go out noow..

in your life you will meet people- -» some you'll
never think about again * some you wonder -
what happened too them | some you wonder iif
they even thiink about youu & then there are
those you wiish you never had to think aboutt
but                          you                              do

        The ones who love us least are the ones we'll die to please- The Replacements

if you don't have somethin to live for..then u best find somethin to die for--tupac shakur

closing your eyes; and ;covering your ears
          won't stop the pain


dedicated [Saturday
Dec 25th, 2004 ]
[ mood | HIIGH ! ! ! ]

This is dedicated to Haleigh Laura Storey

*Don’t know where I’d be without you
ALL those inside jokes no one ever gets
Our loud personalities scaring a few folks
We got those crazy nights
Keeping us all so tight
Laughing at the stupidest stuff

Staying quiet is way to tough
We wearing the Abercrombie and fitch  
We both know life can be a bitch
But you were always there for me
Ill always be there for you.

 Best Friends Forever

There's nothinq as wonderful as someone who shares`
your lauqhter * your secrets * your wishes * your cares
someone who's there throuqh qood times and tears   <3
who stands by your side as your friend throuqh the - -»

years    [ . BFF . ]


Ill be your shoulder When you need to cry Ill be there to answer If you ever wonder why. Ill be the smile you need To make it through the day. I will give the love you need To make you feel ok. I will be your friend for life The angel you cant see. Ill be there to kiss the pain However deep it may be. Ill be there to dry your eyes When your tears appear&&Ill be there to hold your hand When your heart is full of fear Ill be the voice That sings your favorite song Ill hold you in my arms If ever somethings wrong. Ill be there to carry you When you can walk no more. Ill always be right here for you Cuz thats what friends are for


doNt thiNk for a momeNt that
 i wouldNt die for you..
    f o r e v e r
aNd a day i'll be staNding 

   right beside you*


- You are my other half. Without you, I’m the dance without the song. Without you, I’m a heart without a soul. Without you, I’m the words without the book. You mean so much to me. There aren’t enough words in the world to explain how much I care about you and how much I need you in my life. You are not just my best friend. You are not just like a sister. You are not just my listener. You are not just my “other half”. You are everything I could ever ask for, you are my shooting star.

Haleigh Laura Storey, This Is For You. You are my family. I love you. -your dearest friend, parisa.

 When I look to the sky something tells me you are here with me, you make everything feel alright  


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